Final Day !!

Go out there and give it your all, netball teams! This is the final day of the tournament, and you've already shown incredible skill and teamwork. Embrace the court with confidence, play with heart, and leave no regrets. You are champions in every sense. Good luck and shine brightly!


You can view the schedule here (weather permitting). Please note that this schedule is preliminary and may change. Communication will be sent through various channels used by Western Cape Schools Netball. Hoƫrskool Langenhoven is privileged to host this tournament but does not define the rules or make decisions regarding the tournament. Click below to view the schedule ...


Click below for the latest results of completed tournament matches.

Venue Map

Click below to view a map of the venue with locations to key points of interest on the terrain


Click on the image below to view the delicious items on offer at the tournament. You will not leave here hungry.

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